A pilot plant is a small industrial system set up for analysis of the system’s behavior to aid the design of larger facilities. It can also be used to train staff to run a production plant. Pilot plants are built in different sizes and commonly smaller than production plants.

A demonstration plant is bigger than a pilot plant but still smaller than a full production facility. It often helps to determine whether a blending process will be commercially viable.

Even after the pilot or demonstration plant is constructed, businesses might continue using it to test ideas and operating conditions. It is sometimes used to supplement production at the main facility as well.

Petrak Industries, Inc. maintains close working relationships with engineering firms that specialize in designing pilot plants and demonstration plants.

Unitel Technologies, Inc. is a prime example of this kind of partnership. Visit Unitel to learn more about their services including:

Conceptual Engineering

  • Conceptual process design, design experiments, and critical review and analysis of your requirements
  • Expertise in kinetics, equilibrium and thermodynamics
  • Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering (AACE) Class 5 estimates

Basic Engineering & Design

  • Process simulation and process flow diagrams
  • Process optimization
  • Front-end engineering and design studies
  • 2D or 3D major equipment layout
  • AACE Class 4 or Class 3 estimates

Detailed Engineering & Design

  • Process and instrumentation diagrams
  • equipment and instrument data sheets
  • detailed bills of materials
  • line-size and valve calculations
  • electrical engineering and control system logic
  • detailed engineering and design packages:
    • “ready-to-bid” or “ready-to-build”
    • AACE Class 3 or Class 2 estimates

Even before the design work for your pilot or demonstration plant is completed, we will do what we do best at Petrak: promptly and efficiently construct your system in our premier 30,000 sq. ft. facility.

The communication among you, us and the engineering firm turns your concept into productive reality. Our open-door policy also enables you to view the status of your job and track its progress anytime.

We are a complete fabrication company of dedicated service to you. To learn more about our skilled work with pilot plants and demonstration plants, contact us at 815-483-2290 today.