Including Oil Blending Systems

Petrak Industries’ blending systems produce the scheduled production volume within specification at near-zero reblends, as well as sufficient automation to help lower labor costs.

Whether it’s a lube oil blending system or a skid-mounted modular system, the blending system you need for your plant’s production demands may incorporate either an individual or an integrated approach. Our versatile engineering team considers the following factors early to help define what’s best for your applications:

  • Production capacity or the total annual blend volume
  • Total number of blend formulas produced
  • Finished-product storage capacity for blended products and the value of bypassing holding tanks to blend directly to filling or bulk loading
  • Total number and volume of base oils and additives in bulk storage
  • Number and storage requirements of drummed additives
  • Component characteristics such as viscosity and blend temperature
  • Number of blend family groups and the safeguards needed to avoid contamination
  • Quality-control requirements, blend-testing procedures and the degree of difficulty correcting blends once made
  • Energy-cost factors
  • Labor-cost factors
  • Operational versatility for quickly adapting to changes in blend formulas or product range with little cost of downtime

An all-in-one design, engineering and fabrication firm, Petrak specializes in different types of customized blending systems with customized equipment, including in-line blending systems and simultaneously metered blending systems.

Working with Petrak, you achieve steps that cut your costs while raising production. Equally important, most of our blending systems are easy to install and quick to start up.

We offer your business more than 25 years of experience developing state-of-the-art systems throughout the world. We can be the difference between a problem and a solution.