Drum Decanting machineA drum decanter decants and doses additive components from drums or containers. Drum decanting units (DDUs) often contain a decanting lance, a roller conveyor, a loading platform, a rinsing tank, pumps and process pipes. They can also be skid-mounted modular systems.

Petrak Industries, Inc. drum decanting units are a mechanized, automated way to add drummed additives to your blending system. Our mechanized drum decanting supports greater safety and utilization of resources while reducing blending variation and labor costs. A Petrak drum decanter’s automation simplifies management of recipes and production while helping to prevent new waste.

Today’s complex recipes require more specialized additives to enter into the formula. Delivered in drum containers, these special additives involve up to 20% of the recipe.

As the additives for different products increase, the efficient handling of drummed additives becomes integral to the blending process. Petrak Industries drum decanting makes it possible to empty even the most viscous drummed additives.

Our drum decanting units include:

  • drum-weighing platform
  • drum emptying
  • drum cleaning
  • pipe cleaning
  • local operator station

Petrak systems help you ensure maximum discharge of additives, including residues clinging to drums. Because our DDUs are connected to a pigging system, they pump the additives straight into the pigging line so that all additives and base oil are pigged into the blending tank. You can also manage the unit through a local control system for complete automation and dosing.

We are a complete design, engineering and manufacturing firm with decades of experience. Having installed units throughout the U.S. and the globe, we understand the intrinsic details of components and electronics that constitute advanced, efficient drum decanters.

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