The engineering and design of a gas or fluid system is a large and complex undertaking. You have a precise production goal with major time, risk and cost factors. To come out ahead, you need experienced project management including mechanical design and process engineering.

Drawing from more than 25 years of hands-on achievement, Petrak Industries, Inc. can guide your project through every development phase. Our proficiency in project management also streamlines your efforts by freeing you from having to find and coordinate other vendors and specialists. With complete skill and resources, we are your single source for creating your system.

Qualified project management matters to jobs of your scale. Petrak’s engineering and design professionals track and manage your project from layout to fabrication to shipping. In doing so, we save you time and money spent dealing with multiple management layers and complications you didn’t expect.

Entrust your project to the specialists who make challenging tasks much easier to execute. Contact us at 815-483-2290 today to learn how Petrak project management can enhance the way your gas or fluid system performs.