Process engineering is the science of continuous industrial processes such as those for chemicals and petrochemicals. Focusing on mechanical manufacturing through systematic computer-based methods, it involves process design, operation, control and optimization.

Through process engineering, mechanical designers translate what a business needs into a production facility that converts raw materials into components. Those components then advance to the next step on the supply chain. Large-volume processes such as petroleum refining might require truck or rail transportation for wider distribution.

Petrak Industries’ comprehensive mechanical design and engineering includes process engineering. Our process engineering centers make gas and fluid systems more efficient, consistent and cost effective. To achieve this, we partner with various firms to complete full process flow diagrams (PFD) according to a business’s production demands.

The PFDs specify material flow paths, storage equipment, unit operations and flow rates. They also itemize all pipes and conveyors, as well as their contents and material properties for the piping and unit operations. These diagrams ensure that manufacturing processes include only the steps and components needed to complete a task quickly and correctly. They also become the foundation for developing a process and instrumentation diagram (P&ID).

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