Pigging Solutions

A pigging system is a closed, self-cleaning piping system that transfers both liquid and solid bulk products between points in a process. A pigging pipeline is cleaned in place by using a pig, a cylindrical device with wiping features slightly bigger than the inside of the pipe. As the pig moves through the pipeline, its wiping features cleanse the pipe’s inner walls. Pigs are typically made from elastomers that are resistant to the products being transferred.

Petrak Industries, Inc. provides efficient pigging solutions that transfer multiple products within one pipeline with little product loss and no cross-contamination. Just one Petrak pigging pipeline can lower pipeline-building costs by replacing several system pipelines without compromising production schedules and product quality.

Fully automated and easy to use, a Petrak pigging system with built-in pipeline cleaning controls the pigging sequence by tracking the pig’s location in the line. You no longer have to flush a pipeline to clean it before transferring a product, which can lean to line-flush build-up. Petrak piggable transfer systems leave minimal residue in the pipe and eliminate spillage in the plant.

A full-service design, engineering and fabrication firm, Petrak understands the science and technology that drive productive pigging systems. We are big enough to manage your project and yet still just small enough to provide you with close attention and a personal touch.

With our pigging solutions, you reduce your capital investment in constructing process-plant pipelines, lessen your plot-space requirements, enhance plant safety and contribute to a cleaner environment. You also recover valuable product and raw material that is otherwise often downgraded.

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